Professor Göran Lind is a Doctor of Laws and was an Associate Professor on the faculty of law at the University of Uppsala. He has partly carried out his research at the Law Library of Congress in Washington D.C. Mr. Lind has been professor of family law at the University of Örebro and is today professor of private law at the University of Stockholm.

Mr Lind is also the general manager of the Jura Law Institute, which educates judges, attorneys, solicitors and other practicing lawyers on the whole field of law.

Lind’s special legal interests include writing books and articles on family law, inheritance law, statute interpretation law, international private law and comparative law. 

Professor Lind is an excellent and demanded lecturer by practitioners and has been elected best teacher by his students.

Göran Lind is since 2012 professor at the University of Örebro.

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Latest books and articles in English:

Göran Lind, et. al., Nordic Cohabitation Law, (Intersentia, Cambridge, 2015) 290 pp.

Göran Lind, Common Law Marriage. A Legal Institution for Cohabitation (Oxford University Press, New York,  2008) 1272 pp. 

The book is presented on the net by the publisher.

Göran Lind, Legislation for the Surviving Co-habitant from a Comparative Perspective, in European Challenges in Contemporary Family Law (K. Boele-Woelki and T. Sverdrup eds., European Family Law Series No. 10, Antwerp, March 2008) 25 pp. The book is presented on the net by the publisher.